Preparing for Your Child’s First Dental Cleaning

Dental care is essential and even more important to start at a young age. While most people don't think about dental care for their toddlers, creating healthy dental habits and protecting your child's baby teeth can lead to a happier, healthier smile down the road. But at what age should your child have their first [...]

The Function of Tooth Enamel and How to Protect It

Function of Enamel in Teeth Before we explain what the function of tooth enamel is, let's explain what tooth enamel is.  The wear-resistant exterior of the dental crown is made of dental enamel, the body's toughest component. It creates an insulating layer that guards the tooth against physical, thermal, and chemical pressures that could harm [...]

All On Four Procedure: Offering Rapid Improvement to Your Smile!

An All on Four procedure is a popular treatment option for anyone missing all or most of their natural teeth. There are multiple orthodontic and dental implant solutions that can address missing teeth. Therefore, to find the best solution for you, it's ideal to consider the treatment’s feel, comfort, and time. This revolutionary approach can [...]