pregnantPregnant people have a lot to keep track of regarding personal healthcare. From a long list of things to avoid, like food and cleaning litter boxes, to conflicting online recommendations, keeping track of what you can and can’t do while pregnant can be challenging. 


Thankfully, it’s completely safe to get dental cleanings done while pregnant. Getting dental cleanings and dental examinations is important to maintaining your health during pregnancy. Here are some tips and helpful advice for anyone wondering about dental care during pregnancy. 

Tips for Good Dental Health during Pregnancy

Maintaining your dental health during pregnancy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. One important thing to remember is that pregnant people are much more likely to suffer from gum disease than other patients. Thankfully, gum disease is treatable, so see your dentist if you have swollen, tender, or red gums. 


There are important ways to protect yourself and your baby during pregnancy while caring for your dental health. For example, tell your dentist when you’re pregnant. This allows your dentist to work with you to plan your dental care throughout your pregnancy. 


Another thing to pay attention to is your routine dental cleanings. It is important to keep up with your daily dental cleaning routine and attend regular dental cleanings to protect your dental health. Not only does this allow your dentist to catch any issues before they become serious, but it also ensures you stay caught up on regular dental cleanings.


Protecting your teeth is a good idea if you suffer from morning sickness. Stomach acid can eat away at your enamel, leading to sensitivity and cavities over time. If you have morning sickness, rinse your mouth with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water. This helps neutralize the acid in your mouth, protecting your teeth long-term. 


Also, while it’s okay to give in to pregnancy cravings occasionally, avoid sugary or overly acidic foods or constant snacking, as this can cause plaque buildup. If you snack often or need to eat more at your doctor’s recommendation, consider brushing your teeth between meals to reduce plaque. 

Dental Procedures to Delay during Pregnancy

There are some dental procedures that you can postpone for a later stage of your pregnancy. For example, while dental X-rays can be safe during pregnancy, especially with the right precautions, you can talk to your dentist about postponing X-rays until after pregnancy. Of course, in an emergency, you may still need an X-ray. However, waiting for routine X-rays is a normal thing to do, especially if you’re concerned. 


You can also delay many dental treatments, especially those that need anesthesia, until your second trimester when they’re safer. While you may be tempted to postpone your treatments until the third trimester, remember you may be less comfortable lying on your back! 


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