dental anxietyDental anxiety is more common than you think. Thankfully, there are ways to manage dental anxiety, such as including your dental team in your planning and being transparent about your dental anxiety. Here, we cover ways to lower your dental anxiety to help smooth your next dental visit.

Talk to Your Dental Team

Believe it or not, many dentists were also nervous about dental visits. It’s perfectly normal to feel worried about something unfamiliar. If you’re struggling with dental anxiety, let your dental team know. Not only is dental anxiety incredibly common, but it’s also nothing to be ashamed of. Your team will not think less of you for being anxious. 


Your dental team can work with you to make you more comfortable during your dental visit. This includes explaining every step of the procedure, giving you more time during your dental visit, and even implementing anxiety-reducing medications to help you relax during any procedures. Your dental team is there to help you, so talking with them about your dental anxiety can be the first step to getting the help you need to feel comfortable at the dentist.

Ask Questions

Dental anxiety can arise when unsure about a procedure or process. Asking questions is a great way to lower stress and increase confidence. A good dentist is always happy to answer patient questions and can walk you through each step of a procedure, cleaning, or treatment so you know what to expect. The more informed you are about your dental health, the more invested you can be toward maintaining your smile. Asking questions and talking with your dental team is a great way to lower your anxiety and increase your familiarity with dental procedures.

Use Mindfulness Techniques

Paying attention to your breathing and counting objects you can see, hear, feel, smell, and more can all help lower your overall anxiety and ground you during your dental procedure. Mindfulness techniques and adjusting your experience to your general comfort level can all make a major difference in your dental anxiety. 


Consider bringing noise-canceling headphones if you get nervous from the sound of the drill, or even bring a stress ball to help you concentrate on other things during the procedure. These things will not get in the way of your dental team and are encouraged if they make you feel more comfortable during a procedure or visit. Remember, your comfort is paramount, so feel free to bring what you need to your visit to lower your anxiety. Please ask the dental team beforehand if you’re worried about bringing anxiety-reducing items to your dental appointment. A good dental office will work with patients to increase their comfort, so feel free to ask for what you need for your comfort.


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