We’re With The Team

Denver Nuggets & University of Denver Pioneers

After seeing numerous injuries on the ice at University of Denver hockey games in 1992, Dr. Stephen Barker approached the athletic director and suggested several protocols to help the injured players. The next year, Dr. Barker and the DU athletic department formed a partnership that has lasted to this day and covers all aspects of DU athletics. Dr. Barker was excited to witness back-to-back NCAA men’s hockey championships in 2004 and 2005.

We Love Our Dental Patients!

In 1994, Dr. Barker was asked to be the team dentist for the IHL Denver Grizzlies. The next year, the Grizzlies won the IHL Turner Cup championship. When the NHL Colorado Avalanche came to town in 1996, Southbridge Dentistry was chosen as the team dentists.

Dr. Barker and Dr. Kissinger celebrated two Stanley Cups and remained with the Avalanche for 14 seasons until 2009.

In 2009, the trainer for the NBA’s Denver Nuggets asked Dr. Barker to join their medical staff. The next year, Dr. Barker and Southbridge Dentistry were appointed team dentists for the Nuggets.

In 2012, Southbridge Dentistry had the privilege to be chosen as the team dentists for the Denver Cutthroats, Denver’s newest Central Hockey League team. Dr. Barker worked with Coach Derek Armstrong when he was a player with the Denver Grizzlies in 1994-1995. Southbridge Dentistry is a proud sponsor of the Cutthroats Junior Fin Club and Army’s Army. Be sure to visit the Denver Cutthroat’s website for a full explanation of the Cutthroats Kids Club and Army’s Army and how it benefits local charities.

The Denver Outlaws, a Major League Lacrosse team, sought out Southbridge Dentistry as their Official Team Dentists in 2014.  We celebrated their 2014 MLL Championship win and even hosted the Steinfeld Trophy in the office.  We look forward to this exciting opportunity to work with the coaches and players of the Denver Outlaws. 

Caring for athletes and their dental health is a passion of all the doctors at Southbridge Dentistry. Dr. Barker, Dr. Kissinger and Dr. Svoboda are extremely fortunate to be associated with these outstanding organizations and can be found cheering the teams on at most games.

To learn more about the opportunity to have your team cared for by Southbridge Dentistry, call us today at (303) 798-4967 or email our office